Welcome to Common Descent!  We're a small-batch condiment company specializing in uniquely inspired, handcrafted hot sauces, BBQ sauces, ketchup, mustard, dips and dressings.


Taking inspiration from a variety of sources, we throw norms out the window as we create products and recipes that, while familiar and approachable, are evolved and inspired. We approach our recipes like a mixed-media collage, using materials from a variety of sources to generate something completely different than their original intent.  We're not beholden to being organic, all-natural, or blah blah blah... we just do what we think is interesting.


Influenced in part by the burgeoning craft beer/spirits scene, we offer an ever-evolving assortment of condiments just like your local craft brewer offers their beers: some are available year-round while others are launched as limited releases, collaborations, seasonal offerings, or as part of a larger collection that share a common muse. 

Take a look around our page and see what inspires you, we promise there's something for everyone!


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